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Cave and Mine Exploration

Day One

Meet the instructors and explore a disused ancient Iron Ore Mine and natural cave system called Noxon Park.

Find out how the system was formed, the age of the minerals, and how the ore was extracted hundreds of years ago before modern mining techniques. See the evidence of their labours carved into the roof, learn about 'fire setting', the conditions they worked in and the age and life expectancy of these early miners.


Day Two

A through trip in Wigpool. Go in one entrance and exit another. A more physically demanding and committing journey, prepare to get muddy!! A very rewarding experience with a visit to some beautiful and fragile formations.
OR, if the weather is suitable, a trip to Ogof Clogwyn and Eglwys Faen in South Wales for some active caves.

Your instructors are both keen cavers, with expeditions in Iran, Europe and Ireland. A wealth of experience from early cave diving to modern cave digging and exploration.



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