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Team Building and Management Training

John BaileyJohn Bailey, who has extensive experience with teambuilding in industry has teamed up with Forest Adventure Outdoor Centre, an imaginative organisation who has specialised in challenging and enjoyable physical activities for developing self-esteem, co-operation and teamwork.

John Bailey is an experienced Management Development Adviser who has worked with many organisations large and small. His particular interests are in individual and team development using the challenge of the outdoors. He combines this with constructive feedback and action planning for improved teamwork back in the workplace.

Together we can design a programme of activities to meet your needs and to help you ensure that you develop the full potential of your staff and the benefits that good teamwork can provide.

Building Leadership and Teamwork Using the Outdoors

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We all recognise the value of teamwork in ensuring success in an increasingly competitive world. We only have to look at enthusiasm and commitment of players in a successful team on the sports field to realise the potential that good teamwork could provide for our own organisation if we can get it right.

Good teamwork makes people feel more valued and leads to better communications, motivation and flexibility of staff, together with greater involvement in solving problems and improving business.

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The benefits to the organisation of better teamwork are improvements in:


The value of the outdoors as a vehicle for improving teamwork and leadership skills has long been recognised. Taking people out of their normal environment and then face some physical challenge brings home the need for co-operation and teamwork in a very forceful way. Providing the team with constructive feedback on their performances and discussions on how the lessons can be applied back in the work situation helps to ensure that participants and the organisation gain full benefits of the training.

'We would like to thank you, John and Dennis, once again for your contribution to our annual Away Day.'
'We had a wonderful time in the afternoon designing, building and testing the raft, and we feel that both the activity and your review afterwards have made another great contribution to our working as a team within Quortex.'
'It was a pleasure working with you once more, and we hope to contact you again when future opportunities arise.'
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